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P.Guillaume Bows

To all his work, Pierre Guillaume brings a combination of rigour and traditional French techniques. He produces bows with frogs made from silver, ebony or nickel.

These bows can be found in instrument shops and workshops the world over .

Pierre Guillaume violin bow, Brussels 2002, nickel and silver with floral bouquet in the style of J. Henry (Paris, ca 1850)
Special Orders

The personalised approach of the craftsman is something of Pierre Guillaume hallmark. He can incorporate a monogram, inscribe a dedication in the wood or add a decorative motif on the frog to make your bow even more special.

Tradition française

All bows bought in the collection Maison Bernard are sold with a certificate of authenticity. Pierre Guillaume is happy to give an opinion on your existing bow, or give advice on buying a new one. He can also provide you with a valuation certificate for insurance purposes or a statement of authenticity for old French bows. The quality of Pierre Guillaume’s judgement is acknowledged and highly respected by musicians, collectors and connoisseurs throughout the world. He is a member of the International Society of violin and bow makers.

Bernard Bows

In addition to the bows made by Pierre Guillaume personally, the workshop he leads produces excellent bows for violin, viola and cello students.

J.P. Bernard bows are made from pernambuco, with frogs made from ebony and silver or nickel silver.

Bernard bows have a machine-made frog, made from with ebony and nickel.

The Rosin

P.Guillaume superior's Rosin
The rosin is made from 100% natural French resins, each with its own particular qualities. These resins are expertly combined by Pierre Guillaume according to a secret recipe.

By mixing resin glue with liquid resin, he produces a superior resin that provides excellent adherence and exceptional sound quality. It has won over not just violinists but also viola-players and even cellists.